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Heart Of The Ages - In The Woods. - Heart Of The Ages (CDr, Album)


  1. Tebei
    One such album, is the incredibly rare (I am unsure why) and tough to access Heart of the Ages by Norwegian Atmospheric Black Metal horde In the Woods I cannot even remember how I heard about this cd, but wanted it for so long a time that even after I ordered it finally I refused to hear what it sounded like online until it reached my player.
  2. Dojind
    In The Woods song lyrics for album Heart of the Ages. Tracks: Yearning The Seeds Of A New Dimension, Heart Of The Ages, In The Woods, Mourning The Death Of Aase, Wotans Return, Pigeon, The Divinity If Wisdom.
  3. Zuran
    A opinión personal, lo bonito de In The Woods es apreciar su evolución disco a disco, su cambio de roll dentro del panorama y maduración musical. Los tíos, que ya habían comenzado su andadura en (nada menos), y habían soltado un par de demos antes de grabar el HEart of the Ages en , demostraron varias cosas.
  4. Virisar
    In the Woods takes this to an impressive extreme filled with massive, diverse, beautiful songwriting on Heart of the Ages which pans out like one long epic that feels as though you are exploring a vast, mysterious wilderness with many strange sights and secrets to behold. The whole album is crafted to feel like one massive, grand adventure and.
  5. Tazshura
    Jul 23,  · A Black MEtal CLassic! I wish I’d heard HEart of the Ages when it was released. Mixing extreme metal with prog and folk hardly seems all that audacious now but when In the Woods ’ debut album came out in this was a leap forward for black metal.
  6. Zucage
    Overall, Heart Of the Ages is an album that metalheads and non metalheads should be able to equally appreciate. Not too oppressive and not too melodic, the balance is struck evenly between the two by the criminally underrated entity that is In the Woods 4/5.

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